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Cloud based solution

Cloud based solutions are a popular choice for business email and Office applications. They offer simplicity and flexibility and a very cost effective solution for small to medium businesses – giving a fully featured mail server without the upfront costs associated with purchasing a server.

As a Microsoft Cloud Services Partner we offer Exchange Online, Office 365 Business and Office 365 Enterprise product families. These allow you to mix and match different elements within a product family. You may have some users that are mobile and need to access their email and edit documents on multiple devices. Office 365 Business Premium would be ideal for these users who will want Office installed on all their devices.

This allows them access to the latest version of Microsoft Office Pro Plus for the duration of the subscription. Many of your users may need email but are light users. For these you could select Office 365 Business Essentials which provides a mailbox and access to online versions of Microsoft Office applications, or even Exchange Online Plan 1 if they only require the mailbox.

In-house (on-premise) solution.

This is the more traditional approach to software. You buy a perpetual license for a one-off fee and can use that software for as long as you want. Upgrades are chargeable and it can be a costly option if you want to keep up with the latest versions. You also need a suitable server to run the software on. Over a 5 year period it can still prove to be a cost effective option depending on the number of mailboxes required.

If you prefer this more traditional model to have your own email server in-house we can supply and support the complete solution. Hardware, software, installation, migration, consultancy and support for the full life cycle.

Standardised email signatures

Every email that leaves your business says something about you and can make or break your brand. Signatures are an opportunity to sign off your emails professionally, showcasing your brand and perhaps your latest offer. However, keeping signatures updated on multiple and varied devices can be time consuming and therefore often falls by the wayside.

For all our email offerings, both cloud and on-premise, we have a solution that can standardise your email signature for every member of staff, whilst still being personalised with items like name, job title, phone numbers, office location, etc. These can be updated centrally and hey pesto everyone has the latest signature with your branding, current offers, links to social media, etc.

Do you like to have your cake and eat it?

Often a cost-effective way of providing office and email for users is to purchase the Office 365 Business Essentials or Office 365 E1 product and combine that with a traditional perpetual license for Microsoft Office Home & Business. When combined with our email signatures you have a complete solution that can be managed by your IT support and management partner

You need the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for your business. We don’t sell products and services just because it is the latest thing. We want to build a long and trusting partnership with our clients to help both your business and ours thrive.

Business solutions

As a managed service provider we believe in providing business solutions not “out of the box” products. If you need an email solution you need to ensure it is secure and filtering out all the junk email. You want it to look professional and present your brand identity. All our Exchange Online and Office 365 subscriptions include our email security and email signature software as standard.


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