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Flexible fully featured and very cost effective phone systems for SMB's. Take a look at all the features and ways you could save money over traditional telephony solutions.

At Reach IT Management we understand that Small to Medium Businesses need flexibility in their internal systems, be that IT systems or phone systems. SMB’s may want a system with just a couple of extensions to start with but then over the space of a couple of years, or even a few nonths need to scale it up as the company grows.
As technology progresses the lines are blurring between phones and traditional IT as the technologies converge more and more. One of the problems with traditonal phone systems is that you buy a piece of equipment that has limitations. For instance it can only handle a certain number of lines and extensions. Often if you want voicemail or call recording then other pieces of equipment are required to handle this. There must be better way!.

Welcome to the world of software based VoIP phone systems. You may think this sounds like a new fangled thing you daren’t trust with your important need for voice communications. However the 3CX software PBX has been around for many years and is trusted by some big names like McDonalds, Harley Davidson, Pepsi and many more. So now you know you can trust it how is it any different to a traditional phone system?

You buy a software license based on the number of simultaneous calls you want the system to handle. If you need more simultaneous calls we just upgrade the license. You don’t have to throw the whole lot out and start again.

You don’t have to buy any additional hardware. Most people will, but you can manage without so long as you have a windows PC or Server with some spare capacity.

You don’t even need to buy phones. Included with the system you get a software phone that can be downloaded to your PC or laptop and you can use that for your calls. All you need is a microphone and speakers or headphones.

If that is not convenient there is a mobile app too. Just download the mobile app to your smart phone and it also becomes your office phone. Use it on the office WiFi and it won’t use any of your mobile data allowance. And yes that does mean if you step out of the office you can take your office phone with you. So as long as you have a WiFi connection with a reasonable internet connection or a good mobile data connection you can answer your office phone anywhere in the world. Mobile data charges may be incurred for this though.

If you want physical phones in the office a wide selection of corded or cordless phones from a variety of manufactures are available. You can mix and match because the phone system is not limited to proprietary handsets. In fact 3CX don’t make handsets, they focus on creating a world class phone system for you.

The standard version includes everything you are likely want in a phone system for most uses. If you opt for the Pro version it also includes full call centre handling, with queues, wall board, etc.

If you have more than one site you can either run one big system (depending on the size of each site) or link the systems together across your internal network connections. In either case seamless desk to desk dialling is possible. With the Pro version you can even see who is on the phone in any of your linked offices.

If you don’t want to host the system we can host it for you.

If that hasn’t tempted you, what about all these extra’s that are included with the 3CX Software PBX that would probably cost a fortune to add to any traditional phone system:

  • Integrated video conferencing using WebRTC
  • Integrated web meetings using WebRTC
  • Better customer service with advanced call queues
  • Integrate with CRM & Accounting software
  • Standards based – use popular IP Phones, SIP Trunks
  • Click 2 Call from your website – Place a button or link on your website to allow customers to call you straight from their computer with no call costs for anyone!
  • If you have home workers they can either use the PC or mobile app, or you can provide a physical phone that links in just like it was in the office.

Plus because it is a fully native VoIP phone system you could save on your phone bill with SIP Trunks and Mobile / Remote clients. Placing your telephony services with your IT provider also means just the one relationship to manage. No squabbles between voice and IT providers as to where any potential problem lies.


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