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Business Planning? On your bike!

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July 15, 2018
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January 5, 2020

In my business plan for 2018 Q4 I set the usual goals for revenue, time management, lead generation, etc. But I also set myself a personal goal. 18 months ago I managed to tear the cartilage in my knee. Having had surgery to trim up the tear a few months back, I decided it is time to try and get my knee in better condition. So, I set myself the goal of cycling 250 miles before the end of the year.

The goal was to try and build from short 5 mile rides up to longer rides as the quarter progresses. We are now three weeks into the quarter and I met with my business coach last Monday. As is his role he asked about progress on my plan. I confessed I hadn’t done a single mile on my bike. Well, we have just moved to a new house, the weekends have been busy, I have been on site a lot! I had all the excuses! So, I committed to doing 40 miles by the time I next meet with Matt on Wednesday. But still I didn’t get on the bike Saturday! Well, I didn’t have any lights on the bike did I!

My first bike ride was supposed to be a nice easy 5 mile starter to ease me in. But due to my procrastination I started with a rather painful 12.7 miles on Saturday. Leaving me with 26.3 miles still left and only 3 days to do it in. And that won’t even catch me up with the original plan.

I had time to think whilst I was cycling, and I realised that inactivity and the lack of sticking to a plan was now going to lead to painful consequences. This got me thinking about my business and the plans I have made for each quarter of this year so far. In each quarter there has been at least one goal I haven’t achieved. On reflection it is because I have made excuses, very similar ones to the ones I used for not having started my cycling. “We have been so busy supporting customers I haven’t had time”, “I have been on-site”, you get the idea. These excuses and subsequent inactivity also have painful consequences. It stacks up work that needs to be done to help the business grow. But as the pain isn’t physical you don’t feel it the same.

8:30 on Sunday morning, determined to get the 40 miles in before I meet Matt on Wednesday I set off again. The painful consequences became quite clear very quickly! I think you all know what I mean!. This also made me think about business and ensuring you have the right equipment and resources for the job in hand. Cycling a further 18 miles whilst not sitting down brought its own challenges.

Having found out the hard way on my bike this weekend, perhaps I need to ensure I keep to the plan from now on! And also make sure I always the right equipment!

Matt Ewer please don’t beat me up too much if I miss by a mile or two on Wednesday. I am already feeling the pain enough.