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April 10, 2018
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I have heard this question or something like the following variants many times: –

  • I have a Dealer Management System and pay for support on that, why do I need an IT support company.
  • XXXXX in accounts knows a bit about IT so why do I need IT support?
  • We don’t have anything complicated, why do I need IT support?
  • And so on…

1. Your Dealer Management System / Software Supplier only cares about their software.

If your staff can’t access your key software systems it may be nothing to do with the software itself. If that is the case the supplier will almost certainly wash their hands of the problem.

If they do that then how will you solve the problem? This is where your IT support provider comes in. They should work for you and if need be with the software supplier to ensure a swift and smooth resolution to the issue at hand.

2. So what should you expect from your IT Support provider?

Your IT Support provider should be the glue that binds all your IT systems together. They should liaise with all your IT related suppliers in areas such as: –

  • Software Systems – Dealer Management System, Accounting Software, Payroll, etc.
  • Telecoms – With the convergence of data and telephony this is crucial.
  • Network / Broadband – Whether you have multiple sites with private links connecting them or just one site with a broadband service.


3. Desktop, Laptop and Server Support

If you have a problem with a PC or server you need someone to look at it quickly and remotely to resolve the issue. Having an IT team on-call when you need them will allow your staff to get back to full productivity as quickly as possible.

4. How long can you survive without your major systems?

A good IT provider will proactively monitor your systems to ensure that any potential issues will be resolved before they become a problem. Things like crucial services on a server, disk space on a server, malware protection. These should all be monitored to ensure your systems are available and secure.

Still think you don’t need IT Support?

The decision as to whether you need IT support really depends on your situation and various factors such as: –

  • How much downtime you can afford to have
  • How complex your network and systems are.
  • How reliable your systems are.
  • How many staff you have.

Ultimately only you can decide what is right for your business. However, at some point you will need to call upon some level of IT support. The decision you must then make is whether you want break/fix or an all-encompassing “managed service” from your IT provider.

I have also published an article that helps to explain the differences between break/fix and managed services.

I hope this article helps you to think through the various things that might prompt a requirement for IT support. I hope it also helps you to think about the differences between a formal IT partner and “managing” with a member of staff that “knows a bit about IT”.

Need a little more help deciding?

If you still have some questions about what is right for you then please reach out us to us and will help you make the right decision for you, even if that means we are not the right choice for you.