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Your complete checklist when choosing the best IT support services

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April 20, 2020
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Your complete checklist when choosing the best IT support services

When searching for a business IT support service there are many different components and features that you need to consider. Many business owners are unsure about what types of business IT support may be needed to keep their business running smoothly and safely, as not all IT support services are the same. Below we share with you a complete checklist for choosing the best IT support services for your business.

IT helpdesk support

You need to make sure that the IT support service will offer you and your team support with any type of IT related problem over the phone. This should include any IT emergency and they should provide an engineer who is able to deal with the problem ASAP. This will avoid any downtime. It’s also a good idea to check where the helpdesk is situated, to ascertain how quickly they will be able to respond to your IT emergency.

Internet monitoring and maintenance

When searching for business IT support then ideally this needs to include remote monitoring and maintenance of your business network. There should be a team dedicated to ensuring that your network is constantly being monitored. If there is a problem with network connectivity, or a problem with your server, then this should be quickly dealt with by the IT support service. From a monitoring point of view, you should receive regular reports and updates.

Security services

Security is of great importance to every business, no matter how big or small. The business IT support service should offer regular scanning of your network and should offer an anti-virus package and update when necessary. Information security should be a number one priority and be part of the service provision.

Daily support services

Remote desktop support should be provided 24/7. There should also be an online tracking system so that you can keep on track and monitor any ongoing technical issues. It is also worth asking if any devices, such as smartphones and tablets can also be supported.

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